Opn™ - A new kind of hearing aid

Opn is now a full product line with five in-the-ear (ITE) and three behind-the-ear (BTE) styles. It is the best, most advanced hearing aid we have ever made. The technology in Opn is so fast, it can remove noise around you and help you understand conversations with multiple speakers.

All styles offer high quality sound and a flexible range of features. Your choice will depend on your personal preferences for discretion and functionality, as well as recommendations from your hearing care professional. Learn more about the various styles below.

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Opn Technology

Opn is powered by the Velox™ platform, offering our best in resolution and speed. This powerful platform makes it possible for Opn to host specialized technologies that open the world to more users with a wide range of needs, as well as offering streamer-free connectivity to smartphones, audio devices, and to other smart devices through the Internet.


TwinLink™ technology — a world's first

Oticon Opn features two dedicated communication systems — one for outstanding binaural processing and one for powerful direct streaming to external devices.
Wireless connectivity and binaural processing — that is TwinLink™

Oticon Opn™ features two communications systems - one for binaural processing and one for streamer free connectivity.

*Compared to Inium Sense


The key to an open sound experience

The OpenSound Navigator is the most powerful processing technology in Oticon Opn. It works so fast and precisely that it can attenuate unwanted noise – even between words in an open soundscape. In this way, Oticon Opn makes it easier for the brain to decide who and what to listen to, and to switch attention when needed.


OpenSound Navigator

Three steps in a split second

OpenSound Navigator handles multiple, dynamic speech and noise sources. Unlike conventional technology, it treats sound sources individually – without treating all other sounds as noise.

In a split second, it gives the brain accurate information in the way it naturally makes sense of sound.

Watch the film to learn more.



A more than a 200% increase in capacity* makes binaural processing better than ever, while powerful 2.4 GHz direct streaming ensures easy connectivity with audio devices and fantastic stereo sound.

All of this is made possible without compromising size and battery efficiency.

Award-winning Oticon Opn


Opn has captured an impressive line–up of prestigious U.S. and international awards.