he first ever battery powered EMG system offering the highest quality nerve conduction, EMG and EP examinations. Modern design with unified elements for practical usability and great look. Lightning fast and user friendly software interface combines powerful customizations and preset protocols for immediate use. Amplifier and stimulators used in clinical system configuration may be unplugged and used with portable traveler solution for cost efficiency.
  • Fully battery operated with Intelligent Charging for superior signal quality
  • Intuitive "Dashboard Style" interface
  • Ergonomic and full function EMG keyboard for ease of use
  • Store, playback and review hours of EMG recordings
  • Customizable summary reports for all tests in MS Word
  • Instant portability with Click n' Go feature
  • Quick impedance check during any test
  • GDT, HL7 and network capabilities option
  • Custom Deymed hospital cart with integrated silent computer
  • Offline data review with post editing of parameters
  • Multiple users, each with own settings
  • Friendly single screen setup for all tests
  • Programmable Three Pedal Foot Switch
  • Includes a starter kit of supplies
  • Carrying case for portable use
  • Unlimited buffer storage for Live EMG
  • Fully searchable patient database

Standard Modules

  • MNC
  • SNC
  • F-Wave
  • H-Reflex
  • Inching
  • Repetitive stimulation
  • Blink Reflex
  • Needle EMG
  • Willison and T/A analysis
  • Automatic Multi MUP
  • Single MUP and Manual MUP
  • Patient Database
  • Custom template reports

    Optional Modules

  • Voluntary Single Fiber
  • Stimulated Single Fiber
  • Fiber Density
  • R-R Interval / Valsava
  • SSR
  • Macro EMG
  • SEP
  • VEP
  • P300
  • MEP